ABSIX.0: Two technological added-value hubs at your service

Engineering & Additive Manufacturing

3D Printing
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Digitalization & Interactive Management

Mixed Reality
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Our business is focused on Innovative solutions for manufacturing industries who want to ensure their competitiveness and reach a high level of performance in their daily operations.


We support the productive organizations in the transformation of their processes and management, by deploying adapted methods and new technologies.


To this end, we put our experience at your service, and our teams are permanently focused on the ambitious goal of fully satisfying you.


We do not consider a partnership with our clients without the implementation and sustainable maintenance of their projects.

Innovative, ABSIX.0 is agile, evolving and adapting to its customers, while capitalizing on its past savoir-faire to meet the challenges of the future.


Pavillon International, Boulevard Mohamed V

Tangier, Morocco

+212 6 69 76 32 36    -    contact@absixo.com

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