Additive Manufacturing

Industrial companies developing their products are still faced with the dilemma of producing prototype parts of great complexity, in small quantities and at a competitive cost.

ABSIX.0 offers additive manufacturing solutions, commonly known as 3D printing, to solve this dilemma of scale and flexibility.

Indeed, we bring you value by limiting investments in the development phase. This with Economies of Scale induced by the production of several complex parts with varying designs on a single "3D printer". All of this in delays that cannot be matched by the "traditional" production methods.


In addition, we offer you greater freedom in your designs, since under these conditions, customizations become easy, and it is possible to produce at a lower cost after Production Launch.

Advantages of the Additive Manufacturing @ ABSIX.0

Flexibility in the design of complex parts

Shorten Product development process & Quick availability in the market

Spare parts manufacturing  met with the customer's demande

Products Savings thanks to optimized designs

Quality assurance managed in parallel with the manufacturing


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