ABSIX.0 offers monitoring solutions, enable to collect information about the processes deployed, and treat them in such a way that Operators focus on where they create value, that is to say on the Preventive actions that will ensure the achievement of the required level of performance.


The level of performance that can be associated with an operational indicator related to quality, productivity, equipment availability or safety.

Companies concerned about their performance, often have difficulties to act in anticipation and annihilate the occurrence of adverse events.

Digitizing a process is a real investment, and it radically changes the way you work.


It brings tangible and visible gains on operational performance.

It must be ensured that a managerial initiative in terms of change management is deployed, in order to involve staff and motivate them.

ABSIX.0develops and integrates tools and systems for Operationals, which then open multiple possibilities to fully enter the era of Industry 4.0. Whether for augmented reality tools in support of training and maintenance, or reporting solutions and systemic analysis on production lines.

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